[title size=”2″]Anomaly & Ultimate Augmented Reality[/title]

The graphic novel Anomaly is beautiful, compelling, and–with its interactive App–groundbreaking. We get to work on lots of wonderful finely printed books, but this one is just plain cool. After downloading the free App, you can place an iOS or Android device above certain pages and watch characters pop out of the book. When you touch the screen, they move, speak, and even attack! The second Anomaly arrived in the office, we hovered around it with an iPad, searching for the cool critters and machines that would jump out at us.

This new concept, called Ultimate Augmented Reality, was developed by Anomaly‘s creators, Skip Brittenham and Brian Haberlin. UAR redefines the way we interact with books. Check out this video from their website to see it for yourself: [youtube id=”PS62s7nQk8Y” width=”600″ height=”350″]

[title size=”2″]A Finely Printed Book[/title]

Even without this interactive feature, the book itself is great. It’s a 368 page, 9.75″ x 14.75,” landscape book–the longest original, full-color graphic novel ever to be published. It comes with a French fold jacket and display carton for protection. There is also a limited edition version, complete with 16 exclusive prints, and a unique jacket and display carton.

[title size=”2″]But Wait, There’s More![/title]

The creators of Anomaly are also planning the release of a new graphic novel, Shifter. Read more at ICV2.  Included in the article is a description of some of the additions to Anomaly‘s Ultimate Augmented Reality App.

The Anomaly UAR App is being updated all the time. The characters are now not only touch-responsive, but also voice-responsive. You literally do get more out of this book every time you read it.

To purchase Anomaly, visit their webpage.