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At Blue Earth‘s Collaborations for Cause, iocolor’s own Gary Hawkey joined an expert panel on the importance of books and specifically how they’re used to promote conservation efforts. The other panelists, Helen Cherullo from Braided River and Dan Ritzman from the Sierra Club, described books created by their organizations and the results they’ve produced. Helen explained that Braided River begins their conservation projects with a book because of a book’s permanence. Taking the time and energy to construct a beautiful book implies that the subject is worth presenting well and preserving for the future. Gary said it this way, “the physicality screams ‘this is important–pay attention!'”

[title size=”2″]iocolor partners with Braided River & the Sierra Club.[/title]

Gary also talked about iocolor’s work and our commitment to producing high-quality coffee table books. “The books that are on our coffee tables say a lot about us,” he said. iocolor believes in the power of books–that’s what we’re all about. So, working with great organizations like Braided River and the Sierra Club is an honor because we know their books will not just be beautiful, they’ll be impactful. They work with photographers who really have something to say–something that can have global ramifications.

[title size=”2″]Braided River books affect change.[/title]

Helen is particularly proud of Braided River’s work on Florian Schulz’s Freedom to Roam and Amy Gulick’s Salmon in the Trees. Freedom to Roam sheds light on the importance of protecting not only wilderness areas, but the corridors that connect these places. The freedom to roam is crucial for wildlife to sustain their species through migration. Salmon in the Trees takes a close look at the unique ecosystem of the Tongass rainforest in Alaska and its need for protection. Both books have gotten national attention and have led to various exhibits and other opportunities to promote their causes. Florian’s To the Arctic even became an IMAX movie. Braided River’s work with Subhankar Banerjee on Seasons of Life and Land also resulted in the defeat of an oil-drilling bill and ensured the protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.┬áIt’s no exaggeration to say that books affect change.

[title size=”2″]Have something to say? Say it with a book.[/title]

Not all of us are conservationists with projects that can save the Arctic, but if you want to say something important, start with a book. If you want your book to be filled with beautiful images, start with iocolor. Visit our contact page to tell us about your project.