[title size=”2″]100 Years of Community[/title]

Seattle’s Sunset Club recently created a book to celebrate their centennial, preserving the first 100 years of the Club’s history. Founded in 1913, this women’s club was established to educate and edify its members, providing them with a place to develop community.

Sunset Club Centennial History, 1913-2013 chronicles the history of the Club, highlighting its most influential members and greatest accomplishments. It describes how the Sunset Club has evolved with the changing times, finding new ways to improve the lives of its members and the greater Seattle community.

[title size=”2″]iocolor was proud to work on this beautiful book.[/title]

Included in the 116 pages are images of the historic building on First Hill, portraits of the Sunset Club’s founding members, and many other illustrations illuminating the Club’s history. The square 9.25″ x 9.25″ book also has an elegant cloth cover, stamped and debossed.

Sunset Club Centennial History is another beautiful example of a book’s power to preserve a legacy. For more information on the Sunset Club, visit their website.