Sometimes publishers or artists ask us to help reproduce a book for which they no longer have the files. In these cases, we scan the entire book, creating new files from which the book can be reprinted. We recently did this for Madeleine Vionnet by Chronicle Books, a 244-page tribute to the life and works of the famous designer.

[title size=”2″]Scanning Madeleine Vionnet[/title]

While scanning can often be a time-consuming process, Madeleine Vionnet also presented our pre-press technicians with a couple complications to overcome. The first was redoing the typesetting, as well as the images. As we scan images, we also “descreen” them. This diminishes the screen pattern from the originals, creating images with richer color. However, it also makes the text blurry. To correct for this, we had to scan each of the 244 pages twice–once for the images and again, at a higher resolution, for the text.

[title size=”2″]Layout & Final File Preparations[/title]

The layout created the next challenge. Since Madeleine Vionnet contains both four-color and duotone images, we had to run tests to discover the spot color used for the duotones. Next, the images and text had to be aligned perfectly. Bleeds were then added manually so no part of the images would be lost when the book was trimmed. After this, the images still had to be proofed and worked in Photoshop to diminish the moiré pattern created by the dots from the previous printing. When we also do the printing for a project like this, we utilize a 15u stochastic screening method that eliminates this moiré pattern caused by laying a new screen on top of an existing one. Finally, the book scans were compared and matched to the original color of the first printing.

This involved, multistep process took three and a half months, from the first scan to the final correction. A combination of modern technology and skill resulted in a final reproduction that looks just as good, if not better, than the original.

Both the original and the reprint of Madeleine Vionnet are beautiful books, filled with 400 photos and sketches. This reprint was done for the 100th anniversary of the House of Vionnet. For more information, visit the Chronicle Books website.

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