I gave my father the photography book To the Arctic by Florian Schulz for Christmas. He’s an outdoor enthusiast with a true appreciation for natural beauty, so the second I saw the cover, I knew he’d love it. We sat together in front of the fireplace and soaked in each image. “Wow,” he would say. Then we’d flip the page. “Wow!”

I loved the sweeping landscapes, the sky saturated by the colors of the aurora borealis. My father was amazed by Florian’s ability to capture such crisp, expressive photos of the wildlife. Florian’s images really are gorgeous, and the story of his exploration and commitment to nature conservation is inspiring. To the Arctic educates the public about the beauty and fragility of the Arctic ecosystem. The project has inspired protest and petition against the exploitation of the Arctic. There is even a letter to President Obama on the website that visitors can sign to show their support.

Dad has always wanted to go to Alaska. At times, it appeared he would go stir-crazy, just sitting, observing someone else’s exploration. But we did agree that it was warmer and more comfortable in front of our fireplace–especially after reading about the drastic measures Florian had to take just to keep his camera functioning.

Sitting there together, reading To the Arctic, is one of my favorite memories from my trip home.

To the Arctic is the companion book for the IMAX movie of the same name. It was published by Braided River, with pre-press and printing provided by iocolor. Follow this link for purchasing information.