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Lessons in Self-Publishing a Photography Book with Allen Hemberger

When Allen Hemberger first had dinner at Alinea–a highly acclaimed restaurant that serves modernist cuisine–he was “blown away.” His natural curiosity was piqued and he wanted to know the secrets behind Alinea’s innovative cooking methods. So when he later received the Alinea cookbook as a gift, he dove into […]

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ioBlog’s Anniversary! Our 1st Year in Review

It’s hard to believe its been a year since we launched our new website and started this blog! In just a year, we’ve covered the importance of pre-press & color management, helpful self-publishing & photography tips, and showcased many beautiful books that have come through our doors.

For the ioBlog’s anniversary, […]

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“Trading Pit Hand Signals” in the iocolor Bookstore

Trading Pit Hand Signals by Ryan Carlson is a self-published book about the hand signals of open outcry trading markets. He has been documenting these hand signals for years through his website project, Trading Pit History. A trader himself, Carlson has a deep understanding and appreciation of the signals and […]

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The Advantages of Self-Publishing

Last week we received some excellent self-publishing advice from award-winning author David Kevin Weaver. Weaver’s advice is great for any prospective self-publisher–but how do you know if self-publishing is right for you? It’s definitely not for everyone. Self-publishing requires an in-depth knowledge of your target market, a working knowledge of […]

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