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Grilling Tips for the Fourth: “Mastering the Grill” from Chronicle Books

Ah, the Fourth of July! Basking in the sun with friends and family, watching fireworks, and–of course–firing up the grill. After all, what could be more patriotic than celebrating the great American grilling tradition?

In honor of the holiday, we’re featuring Mastering the Grill: The Owner’s Manual for Outdoor Cooking from […]

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What Is Pre-Press?: A Pre-Press Technician’s Perspective

We’ve spoken a lot about Pre-Press in the last couple posts, but still haven’t really defined the term. If you work in the fine book printing industry, you may understand it, but many people–in and out of the industry–draw a blank when they hear “Pre-Press.” We thought, perhaps, it would be […]

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The Biggest Challenge of Pre-Press

Last week’s blog post, Pre-Press & The Prints of Ellsworth Kelly, brought up one of our biggest challenges. When reproducing works on paper, the color of the paper itself causes problems when it is a much brighter white than the original. It would seem easy, but in actuality, the biggest […]

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