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Printing & Pre-Press

Better Paper, Better Planet: FSC Certification & Why It Matters

iocolor’s commitment to quality extends past the aesthetic. To us, quality also involves environmental and social responsibility. That’s why a growing percentage of our books are being printed on FSC certified paper.

The Forest Stewardship Council was founded in 1993 to help promote sustainable forest practices. The FSC understands the importance […]

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Creating Promotional Books–See It Before It Exists!

Our clients often have release schedules for their books that require promotional images before the book is finished printing. What do you do when customers want to see a book that doesn’t exist yet?

Using our photographic equipment and image editing software, we “create” promotional books digitally.

Part of the regular manufacturing […]

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Our Healthy Obsession: Color Management, Part II

Last week’s blog post explored color management and why we’re a tad obsessive about measurements and quality standards. But what does that really mean and why is it a good thing?

We know that our clients are looking for reliable, quality work. No drama and no surprises. The obvious part of […]

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The Basics of Color Management & How They Can Help You

It’s a common misconception that what you see on your computer monitor is what will print. Anyone who’s tested this theory knows it’s false. But it doesn’t have to be. You can actually measure the color of your monitor and your printer and manage both. That’s the basic theory behind […]

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