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“Trading Pit Hand Signals” in the iocolor Bookstore

Trading Pit Hand Signals by Ryan Carlson is a self-published book about the hand signals of open outcry trading markets. He has been documenting these hand signals for years through his website project, Trading Pit History. A trader himself, Carlson has a deep understanding and appreciation of the signals and […]

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The Blue Earth Book: Visual Storytelling Makes an Impact

The result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, this book is not only beautiful, it’s compelling and convicting. Blue Earth Alliance is an organization that supports photographers’ efforts to tell stories through their images. But these aren’t just any stories, they’re stories that inspire change. Blue Earth president Dan Lamont says, […]

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The Sunset Club’s History, Beautifully Bound

Seattle’s Sunset Club recently created a book to celebrate their centennial, preserving the first 100 years of the Club’s history. Founded in 1913, this women’s club was established to educate and edify its members, providing them with a place to develop community.

Sunset Club Centennial History, 1913-2013 chronicles the history of […]

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A Classic Revived: The Scanning & Reproduction of “Madeleine Vionnet”

Sometimes publishers or artists ask us to help reproduce a book for which they no longer have the files. In these cases, we scan the entire book, creating new files from which the book can be reprinted. We recently did this for Madeleine Vionnet by Chronicle Books, a 244-page tribute […]

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