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“Crown of the Continent”: Bound & Determined to Make a Difference

We were thrilled to work yet again with Braided River, and with talented photographer Steven Gnam on his new book, Crown of the Continent: The Wildest Rockies. A Whitefish, Montana native, Gnam has spent years exploring the beautiful area known as the Crown of the Continent. But his book isn’t […]

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Behind the Cuisine-Scene: “Notes From a Kitchen”

We often work on cookbooks, since many of them are image-intensive. Sometimes these images are included to enhance recipes, as in many of the Chronicle Books titles we assist with. But in the case of Notes From a Kitchen, the images convey the chef’s experience–shedding light on the creative process […]

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Art Wolfe’s “Human Canvas Project”: A New Era in Black & White Printing

Not only is Art Wolfe’s Human Canvas Project a milestone in his career, it marks the advent of a new, better way to print black & white images. When we were given The Human Canvas Project, the question was asked, how do we do black & white reproduction better than […]

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“Seattle Through Your Lens” E-book Combines Beauty & Practicality

Seattle photographer David Barnes recently published his first e-book through iocolor. Barnes’s e-book, Seattle Through Your Lens: A Practical Guide to Photographing Seattle, combines his knowledge of both the city and photography with the portability of the e-book format. Using GPS locations provided in the book, readers guide themselves to […]

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