[title size=”2″]The Blue Earth Book arrived at iocolor this week[/title]

The result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, this book is not only beautiful, it’s compelling and convicting. Blue Earth Alliance is an organization that supports photographers’ efforts to tell stories through their images. But these aren’t just any stories, they’re stories that inspire change. Blue Earth president Dan Lamont says, “photojournalism isn’t just a career–it’s a personal commitment to truth-telling.” Whether by exposing injustice, raising awareness for environmental issues, or simply broadening our horizons, the contributions of Blue Earth photographers have an impact.

[title size=”2″]The Blue Earth Book features eight photography projects[/title]

These projects range in topic from the environmental impact of oil, to the plight of homeless LGBT youth in American cities, to dissolving agricultural communities in Mexico. The images are simultaneously beautiful and haunting. Some are inspirational while some are provocative. All of them are powerful and combine to make a coffee table book that is much more than aesthetically pleasing.

[title size=”2″]iocolor is proud to partner with Blue Earth[/title]

We believe in the work this organization does and have been privileged to assist some of the organizations phenomenal photographers with their projects. Organizations like Blue Earth are of paramount importance if these stories are going to be told. Since traditional avenues for photojournalistic funding are now all but nonexistent, it’s up to groups like Blue Earth and their supporters to enable visual storytelling to continue.

Learn more about Blue Earth and how you can support them on their website.